Thursday, January 7, 2010

What a Crazy Year!!

Time has past by so fast! So much has happened that I can't put it all down. What I can say is that Benjamin had his 1st birthday a few days after Christmas. Christmas was fun and it wasn't too hot either. We didn't have an a amazing New Years, we just stayed up and watched the fireworks on TV, which was fine with us!
I'm into the holidays now and the crazy chickens have come up with a very creative idea/project. I have linked a blog to this blog and they have decided to creat a blogshow! It was the older two who came up with it but they have been generous enough to include whoever wants to join in, meaning Liam and mum and dad if they wish!!! We are working on the first couple of 'episodes' and I will announce here when they have done it so you can see their blogshow on their own blog. I can't say too much more because it's all Top Secret, but the name of the show is, Pippa and Mr Guinea Pig or Mr G Pig! Its a barrel of laughs and it has been a great way to get the crazy chickens to work together and enjoy each others company!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Liam says some funny things

Liam is a funny kid. He loves to talk and talk and talk and talk. I suppose I can only blame myself for that really. Anyway he says some really funny things that I have been meaning to write for ages.
Liam has just turn 3 and he;s a typical boy. He has a tendency to play with his penis like a lot of little boys. We are constantly telling him to not do it and explain why its not appropriate etc. James now tells him if he plays with it will drop off!!! I don't think he believes him, because he still does it. Anyway I was taking Liam to the toilet one day and I thought he was trying to play with his penis so I say, "Don't play with your penis!" to which he replies, " I'm not, I am just pointing it down!" Then I say,"you know what daddy says if you play with your penis too much." Then here it is, the line of all lines," Yes, he says it will drop off and if it drops off I will be a girl!!!"
I almost fell over from trying so hard not to laugh. I did ask James later if he actually has said this to him and but he hasn't. We have assumed he has just put two and two together!

Another pearler was when he had been a bit naughty so I put him in his room for time out. He got so upset he just cried and cried. Finally I got him out and told him I was upset with his behaviour to which he replied, " See these tears mum, I am upset!" He pointed ever so sadly to his face as he said this.

Needless to say, Liam keeps us well entertained!


Our little Benji arrived on Monday 29th Dec 2008. He weighed 9 pounds and 5 ounces or in new terms 4.5kg. So far he is an absolutely wonderful baby. He now sleeps through the night. So I am very lucky but I am not getting too ahead of myself, its still early days!!! He is not a chubby baby by any means but he is very long and that is mostly what people comment on about him. At his 6 week check up he was measured and was above average for his length. So we might just have a 6 footer on our hands!!!
The picture was only take a week ago, but kinda depicts his cheery disposition.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


As per usual I forget to add things. Here is a link to some tutorials where you can used t-shirts to make baby pants and how to make pants that don't require a pattern. I have tried either but they are on my to-do list!

T-shirt pants

No pattern pants


I have been working hard searching for great things to make with my own hands this christmas. I did intend to make a baby/patch quilt but i am yet to begin that project. However I have been sewing and creating other items. I have made some christmas decorations with paper,felt, and materials primarily that I have recycled from clothes our family memebers no longer can wear and may have a tear or some sort of imperfection making it hard for my to pass on to someone else. Anyway, it has been a lot of fun, more than I thought I would have. I really expected to be more frustrated then anything else and since I haven't really sewn using a sewing machine since highschool I was amazed how much I had remembered. I am still in the middle of some projects and I will most likely do a gallery when I have finished all of them, if I have time. But I wanted to add some truly helpful links so you can also benefit.
It's funny I was close to purchasing some patterns for a whole range of ideas I had swimming around in my mind, when I decided to see if I could snag a free tutorial or two. I was blown away at how many amazingly talented and gracious people out there who are willing to share their patterns for FREE! I have made a pillowcase dress, a skirt, a crayon holder, sugar body scrub, and christmas decorations all from free tutorials. So thankyou to all for making my life easier:) I will list below the items that you can make with the links to the blogs or websites I got the tutorials from.

crayon holder

pillowcase dress/top

lazy days skirt

homemade body sugar scrub

These are all great gift ideas for any time of the year and even just for yourself or family members. With the sugar scrub, I used caster/fine sugar that I had already had a vanilla bean in and sweet almond oil that i got from the healthfood store. I also chose grapefruit essential oil because I liked the smell of it. I suggest that you begin with a gentle scrub because the sugar even though it is finer than regular sugar still gives a good scrub and can be sore on delicate skin. I highly recommend this scrub, my skin feels wonderful and although I haven't used it on my feet i think it would be perfect for feet as well.
I hope you have found these ideas helpful in some way. Any questions just ask.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Well my baby blanket has not taken off!! I had the material and the idea but keep failing to get my sewing machine which my grandma gave me but it lives at my mum's house from my mum. I will have to do it soon as i have some other little projects that will take me far less time if I just use the sewing machine rather than by hand.
I do have some great projects that I am working on atm. I happen to not be getting much teaching work atm so I am getting in as much craft as I can. I will be taking pics of these projects this afternoon after church and posting hopefully this evening or tomorrow once the kiddies are off to school! My friend Nat has a blogspot where she used my button flowers as prop for her caramel apples. I decided I would do a quick tutorial on how to make these sweet little darlings. It really is so easy to do. So keep a lookout for that to come. Anyway, I should be getting ready for church, so I will post again soon:)

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I am now 24 wks pregnant. Other than being sick with the flu, I have been holding up quite well. The baby has been moving around and kicking alot. This is one of the joys of pregnancy that I love. I love feeling the baby and knowing that all is well. It can be a little comfortable sometimes especially those quick sharp kicks you get at really inconvient times like going through the check out - which happened to me on Tuesday!
Since this is baby boy number three I do have some clothes, but I wanted to get some new things for him. So I have picked up some good bargains at the Pumpkin Patch sale, some cute Bonds clothes which I are so cute and hard to resist! I have been searching for something handmade on Etsy and came across this cute little number which was on sale and made by mommyluv. It should arrive next week I think. I just thought the shorts were so cute! Anyway it won't be my last purchase, I can't hold myself back when I see something so adorable.

I am quite lucky actually. As all my boys have been born around the same time of year the clothes will fit at the right time of the year.